Contributing to The Ox-Fly

Contributions are always welcome! You can write using your real name, a pseudoname, or no name at all. You'd need to be OK with us distributing your work under a copyleft approach (free for anyone to re-use, modify, copy for any purpose). As a rough guide we are looking for shortish articles 100-600 words long.

Here are the current guidelines for what content we'll accept:

We accept any writing that does not contradict our anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian principles. We are trying to engage a wider public, not just activists, so please write in a way that is relevant to local people's everyday lives, with an emphasis on empowerment and action.

(see 'Our Politics' for more about our political angle).

If you are thinking of writing something, let us know ASAP (email aio [at] and we can check if we already have someone working on that topic. That way we can try to avoid duplication - either one of you could work on something else or you could collaborate.